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For the past two years, the Great American Station Foundation, in conjunction with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, has brought national attention to rail stations around the country that are at risk of destruction or serious damage due to neglect or inattention.

If the train station in your community is endangered, you can help bring it to public attention by submitting your nomination to our Top 10 Most Endangered Stations list. The deadline for this year's nominations has passed. But, please don't hesitate to contact us. Deadline for 2001 Endangered Stations List to be announced.

This program has proven highly effective in energizing local development activities. Over 70% of the communities we've listed have taken steps to acquire, save, stabilize, or restore these historic landmarks, and three have gone on to receive Station Foundation grant funding.

Winners will receive a technical assistance package to help them launch an initial station revitalization effort, including:

  • Local and national news coverage
  • A copy of our Guidebook on Station Revitalization
  • Visit from staff for publicity and technical assistance purposes
  • Assistance in identifying state/federal funding sources
  • Criteria for Selection

  • The city where the station is located must be served by some form of passenger rail, or have passenger rail service planned.
  • The station must have some historical or architectural significance.
  • There must be some imminent threat to the station's physical integrity.

  • 1999 Program Winners
    1998 Program Winners
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